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Unable to step

Sanırım ölümüm Visual Studio yüzünden olacak. Garip hatalar silsilesine yeni bir tane katıldı…


Yarı Türkçe, yarı İngilizce bir garip mesaj… Debug ederken pat diye karşıma çıktı… Anlayabilene aşkolsun…

Kurtarımız Google’ da kısa bir aramadan sonra debugger hatası ile ilgili bir çözüme ulaştım…

Orjinal metin şöyle:

Unable to step. The operation could not be completed. A retry should be performed.

Thanks to the help of one extremely helpful customer, I was able to identify the problem last night. This is a bug in the debugger. There is a race condition that happens when all of the following are true:

Script debugging is enabled in IE
User is debugging IE and another process
The other process stops (hits breakpoint, step operation completes, stops at an exception, etc) at a moment when IE is not running script code
IE starts running script code at roughly the same moment that the user hits F10/F5 in Visual Studio. The most likely reason for this to happen is that the code from ‘setTimeout’ is run, but I am not a JScript expert, so I am sure there are other possible reasons as well.
Now that we have finally found the cause, we are going to work on getting a fix into future versions of Visual Studio. I will try my hardest to get this into Visual Studio 2008 SP1.

In the mean time, there are a couple of work arounds which you can try:

1. If you hit this problem, I believe you could detach the debugger and then re-attach.

2. This problem happens when debugging ASP.NET and when script debugging is enabled in IE. If you disable script debugging in IE, or toggle it on and off when switching between debugger server-side and client-side problems, you would be able to work around the issue.

3. If your web application is using setTimeout, you may be able to avoid or at least reduce the problem by doing something to ensure that script runs less often. This could mean increasing the timeout value, or this could mean adding conditions around when setTimeout is used.

Thanks to everyone’s help and we are sorry that you are experiencing this issue,